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We’re Reopening May 18! Here’s What to Expect with Enhanced Infection Prevention

We are SO excited to announce our reopening on May 18th!

We’ve missed you all and can’t wait to see your smiling faces again.

However, infection prevention from COVID-19 is still our #1 priority.

While we were closed, we spring cleaned every inch of our office. We have always taken pride in a spotless space, but we are taking things to the next level of clean to bring you peace of mind.

Our goal is to minimize cross-contamination. When you come in for your first appointment back, you’ll notice some changes.

Dr. Olga Krikunenko DMD with a young female patient in the office taking the necessary precautions to prevent infection

Here’s what to expect when we reopen on May 18th.

Zero-touch payment process

Since payment processing devices are high-risk contamination areas, we’ve gone completely touchless.

We’ve implemented a no-touch card reader for credit and debit cards, so you can complete your appointment with minimal contact.

We won’t be handling or accepting any cash at this time. Please come prepared to pay with a credit or debit card.

Full paperless office

Paperless is good for the environment, but it’s also great for infection prevention!

You may either fill out your forms online before your visit or use one of our disinfected iPads upon arrival.

Rather than handing you a paper document, we will email all post-operation instructions, receipts, and treatment plans.

We’re still practicing social distancing

We know this is tough, but we are still doing everything we can to reduce the risk of infection for our patients and staff.

What does that look like?

We ask that only patients come into the office, so please come alone to your appointment. Please don’t bring children, friends, or other non-essential people into the reception area.

If you need someone to drive you, we ask that they wait in the car or outside.

We look forward to serving our community in Franklin again soon!

These last few months have been tough on all of us, and we appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we navigate this transition.

All these changes have been implemented with the intent to create a safer, more efficient, eco-friendly, and healthy experience for you, totally customized to you and your family’s needs.

Have questions? Need to book or reschedule an appointment?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team:

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From all of us at Mint Dental, we wish you and your family exceptional health. See you soon!